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Vacant Property Boarding
All Vendors/Contractors must be licensed and insured. In order to be awarded a bid, Atlanta Property Preservation Partners must have a completed application, a copy of your insurance binder and other pertinent information about your company on file. To submit your application please go to the vendor sign up page.
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We Do Winterizations.

We Board Up Vacant Properties.
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Owners Must Register Vacant Properties in City of Atlanta

Here is one more thing for home sellers to deal with.  If your house has been vacant for more than 30 days, you must register it with the City of Atlanta.  The excerpts below will give you directions  This legislation was probably intended to take care of some of the foreclosure problems we are having but it also applies to conscientious home owners who have moved out because of relocation etc.

“Welcome to the City of Atlanta’s, secure, web-based online system for registering vacant properties. Once a non-rental residential property has been vacant 30 days, owners must register contact information for themselves or for an agent within the city of Atlanta that will be responsible for maintaining the property’s safety and security.

All users must register for an account in order to access vacant property registration form on Accela Citizen Access.


Registration can also be made in person at the Office of Code Enforcement or via mail by downloading the following form and including a check or money order for the registration fee.

The information submitted on the application to the City of Atlanta is considered public information and may be used by the City of Atlanta in the interest of administering the permitting process.

Property Registration Booklet

Questions and Answer about Vacant Property Registration

It is the duty of each owner of any vacant residential building or dwelling subject to Ordinance 10-O-1457 (codified as Article VI: Vacant Property Registration of the Atlanta Housing Code), to file a registration statement with the Office of Code Enforcement within 30 days after the building or dwelling becomes vacant or within 30 days after acquiring ownership, whichever is later, of any vacant residential building or dwelling not currently registered. In the event that the Office of Code Enforcement provides written notice to the owner of the existence of any vacant building or dwelling, the owner of such vacant building or dwelling shall file a registration within 15 days of such notice.

The registration shall remain valid for twelve (12) months from the date of registration. In the event that ownership of a registered structure changes during this period, the new owner shall file an amended registration statement within 20days of accepting the vesting instrument. The owner shall be required to renew the registration for successive twelve month periods as long as the building or dwelling remains vacant for any part thereof.

At the time of filing of the registration statement, the owner shall pay a registration or renewal fee (as applicable) in the amount of $100 for each registered building or dwelling (excluding accessory buildings). No registration statement shall be deemed filed unless the fee has been paid. For a parcel of land containing two or more buildings under common ownership, only one registration statement shall be required to be filed but there shall be a fee of $100 per vacant building, regardless of the number of dwelling units within such building. Any vacant building or dwelling that is in violation of any provision of the housing, building, or fire code at the time renewal is required shall be assessed a renewal fee of $250 for such renewal period in which such vacant building is below the minimum code standards.”